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  • World Snowmobile Headquarters - Eagle River, Wisconsin
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What is ISHOF?

    The International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is a non-profit organization promoting the recognitions of the recreational and historical aspects of the sport of snowmobiling.  We maintain and sustain a museum open to the public at the World Snowmobile Headquarters opens external (non-ISHOF maintained) web link in Eagle River, Wisconsin exhibiting the evolution of snowmobiles and their various uses from the development of the early model vintage snowmobiles to the present day models.  Additionally, we encourage participation in snowmobiling and other winter activities while advancing education and rider safety in the sport of snowmobiling.

    ISHOF continues to recognize individual achievements in the sport of snowmobiling and the industry it has created and invite you to browse our website for more information on the individuals who have shaped this favorite Winter sport throughout the Snowbelt.
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Inductions into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame come from select categories including:

ISHOF is dedicated to recognizing the men and women who have made snowmobiling what it is today. From a leisurely weekend activity to national winter pastime, the sport of snowmobiling is continually growing. From snowmobile trails, weekend attractions and fund raising activities to race competition events, many state, county and local communities continue to add snowmobile-related activities to help enhance this winter sport. ISHOF recognizes inductees annually from any of the five (5) categories shown at right.

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Inventors, Designers & Manufacturers


Explorers & Adventurers


Trail & Program Developers


Volunteers & Club Organizers


Publishers & Journalists

ISHOF Contact Info

1521 North Railroad Street
Eagle River, Wisconsin USA  54521
Phone: (715) 479-2186
E-mail: Get ISHOF e-mail updates