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ISHOF is dedicated to recognizing the men and woman who have made snowmobiling what it is today. From a leisurely weekend activity to national winter pastime, the sport of snowmobiling is continually growing. From snowmobile trails, weekend attractions, fund raising activities, to tournaments, many state, county, and local communities are now adding snowmobile associated activities to help enhance this winter sport.
The first annual International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) induction and awards ceremony was held in 1989 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The result of efforts spearheaded by Elmer Cone, ISHOF has annually saluted pioneering members of the snowmobile community for their role in the snowbelt's favorite sport ever since.

ISHOF was founded to promote and preserve the historical aspects of snowmobiling to include recognition of individual achievements made on behalf of the sport.

Each year nominations of candidates for the hall of fame are made to ISHOF for consideration of these nominees for inclusion into the roll of honorees. Nominee categories include:
Inventors, designers and manufacturers
Explorers and adventurers
Trail and program developers
Volunteers and club organizers
Publishers and journalists

The International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Officers and Board of Directors
consists of:
Les Pinz, President
Tom Anderson, Vice President and Secretary
Dave Carmichael, Treasurer
Board Members:
Russ Davis
DeLyle Pankratz
Dave Guenther
Larry Koch
Jerry Bassett
Les Ollilia
Bill Schumann
Joann Smith
Mike Meagher

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