International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 2001

Richard and Audrey Decker - 2001 Inductees to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Richard "Dick" & Audrey Decker - Promoters
Eagle River, Wisconsin

Richard and Audrey Decker started snowmobiling with a 1964 Ski Doo. Since then, they have been active in snowmobiling, racing, owning a snowmobile dealership, starting "Team Oasis" (which turned into the Ambassadors of Snowmobiling) and becoming active members of the Iron Dog Brigade. Richard has served as President of the United States Snowmobile Association (USSA) and the first Vice President of the World Snowmobile Federation. He was voted "Iron Dog Snowmobiler of the Year" in 1993 and one of the "25 Who Made a Difference in Snowmobiling." Audrey helped to start the first Women on Snow in Eagle River. They were dubbed "The Original Ambassadors of Snowmobiling" in 1989 by Snowmobile Magazine. They also belong to two (2) Michigan, a Wisconsin and a Canadian Snowmobile Club. Richard and Audrey brought a new level of expertise to the tourism industry and helped spread the "family fun" concept of snowmobiling internationally. They embarked on creating a selection of tours that appealed to veteran and novice snowmobilers as well as those who weren't even sure what a snowmobile was. They expanded the boundaries of snowmobiling beyond the North America to include Europe, Iceland, Lapland and the former Soviet Union. Their tours have been voted "Best in the Snowbelt" by the readers of Snow Goer magazine for at least five (5) consecutive years. In 1981, Richard led the Ambassadors of Snowmobiling from St. Paul, MN to Valcourt, Quebec, Canada, carrying a flag from President Ronald Reagan to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The Eagle River Derby Track, purchased by Richard and Audrey in 1985, hosts World Championship snowmobile racing each year, an investment in snowmobiling's future which features a unique venue for snowmobile-related events that goes beyond racing.

John Mitchell - 2001 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

John M. Mitchell - Volunteer and Club Organizer
Sheridan, Wyoming

John took his first snowmobile ride in 1966. After his military service, he joined the Big Horn Mountain Snomads snowmobile club and, in 1978, became their President. He has been involved with drag and oval racing, attending the state association fun days and has been director of the Hill Climb committee. John has helped raise funds through snowmobiling for scholarships, National Snowmobile Foundation, charitable organizations and the Iditarod Snowmobile Friendship Ride. In 1980, John volunteered to become editor for what was to become the Wyoming's Snowmobile Newsline. During his four (4) years as Editor, he served as Vice President and President of the Wyoming State Snowmobile Association and attended his first International Snowmobile Congress at Denver, Colorado in 1982. Since 1984, John has been involved in legislative issues and helping the snowmobile gas tax pass to make the snowmobile program more self sufficient. In 1986, John was appointed legislative chairman for the state association, serving until 1992. In 1985, John was elected to to the position of Chairman of the Western Chapter ISC. He served on the Editorial Board for the newly formed Blue Ribbon Coalition and continues to be a member of the organization since its founding. Moving on to a position as Co-Chair of the International Snowmobile Council in 1988, then Chairman of the Council in 1990, John was also Past Chairman of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). John also served on the Advisory Board to the newly formed National Snowmobile Foundation and then became a member of their Board. He was inducted in to the Iron Dog Brigade in 1988 and served on their Board. John has received many awards during his 28 volunteering years; Outstanding Snowmobiler Award, Most Valuable Snowmobiler, Award of Excellence in Snowmobiling and the George Eisunhuth Distinguished Service Award. The organizations he has been involved in from local to international include: Big Horn Mountain Snomads, Wyoming State Snowmobile Association, International Snowmobile Congress, Western Chapter, ISC Council, Thirsty Dogs, Blue Ribbon Coalition, International Snowmobile Council, National Snowmobile Foundation, Iron Dog Brigade and ACSA.

John and Rita Ham - 2001 Inductees to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

John & Rita Ham - Publisher and Journalists
Snowmass, Colorado

John and Rita have been involved with snowmobiling for over the last twenty (20) years and have been invaluable in their publishing of the Colorado Snowmobile Association Newspaper the "Snow Scoop" for the past 11 years. They both have helped get the word out to all the snowmobilers in Colorado on important issues. One major effort was when the Colorado Legislature was about to vote the snowmobile registration program out of business. Snow Scoop came out swinging with editorial support and promoted many article that helped win the battle with correct, complete and concise information. John and Rita also have had a long history with the Aspen Snowmobile Club where they have held many elected offices. They have assisted in trail development along with search and rescues. In addition to publishing, they operated the Western Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council annual Belt Buckle Program. This program has raised thousands of dollars for the Western Chapter's scholarship program since its inception. They attend the International Snowmobile Council in Rapids City, South Dakota to learn how to set up club/association membership. They brought back the information and together they became the Membership Committee of Colorado Snowmobile Association for many years. They are very active in the International Snowmobile Media Council. John has been Chairman and Co-Chairman. He helped form a computer bulletin board for media to share information. He gave presentations on the internet and electronic publishing.

Richard and Anne Melick - 2001 Inductees to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Richard "Dick" & Anne Melick - Volunteers
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dick and Anne began snowmobiling in 1969 with a used Starcraft snowmobile. Since then, they have been constantly dedicated volunteers for over 30 years. Dick and Anne have both held multiple terms as President and various other offices in the Sno Hawks Snowmobile Club of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Each year, they are involved in preparing and signing the local trails and removing and storing trail signs in the Spring. Dick is an emergency team captain and both have ridden on emergency runs for local law enforcement agencies, helping stranded motorists, delivering vital goods and helping in medical emergencies. Dick has been the spokesperson on trial issues for the five Star Snow Trails Association. Many hours were devoted to working with the city of Waterloo in the development of a new snowmobile ordinance. In 1974, when the Iowa State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) was formed, they immediately joined the Association and have maintained constant active membership to the present. Since 1980, both have held offices of Assistance Region Director and Region Director. Dick served two (2) years as Vice President and two (2) years as President and has been the volunteer membership Chairman since 1991. Anne devotes many hours, assisting with the preparation and mailing of membership cards. Anne has been the ISSA Charity Chairperson since 1995. They first attended the International Snowmobile Congress in 1985 and have attended each one since that time. Anne is a member of the ISC education committee. Dick served two (2) years on the ISC Board of Directors and for several years has been the ISC By-Laws and Standard Operation Procedures committee chair. He is also a member of the Iron Dog Brigade. Both are certified volunteer safety instructors for the Iowa DNR and have certified over 1000 students since 1976. Anne and Dick received the "Snowmobile Family of the Year" award in 1994. Both have received the Iowa Governors Award for Volunteers and Anne received the Top Fundraiser Award for ISSA and the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa for personally raising over $1000. ISSA received the ISC Nina Smith Achievement Award during Dick's term as President.