International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

ISHOF Inductees - 1999

Coley and Katy Findlay - 1999 Inductees to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Coley & Katy Findlay - Adventurers / Volunteers
Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

The Findlay's have been involved in the sport of snowmobiling with dedication and enthusiasm for over thirty-five years. They are members of five (5) snowmobile clubs which keeps them busy promoting snowmobiling year round. Recognized for their high snowmobile mileage achievements, Coley and Katy received much publicity which helped to raise visibility of snowmobiling through publication of experiences, articles and letters. The Findlay's also shared information about safety, trails and other snowmobile-related issues. They are also the parents of six (6) children.  They have made many Winter trips from Green Bay, Wisconsin to West Yellowstone, Montana. Their first snowmobile club was the Burlington Sno-Snoopers and their expertise became apparent in chairing club functions, trips and fundraisers. Katy became a member of the original "Flying Femmes" and was one of the organizers of "Women on Snow." Coley organized the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) fundraiser rides in 1984.  For eight (8) years, the Findlay's were the top fundraisers and trailmasters of the annual MS ride. Donations averaged $200,000 per year. The Findlay's have appeared in many publications, film documentaries and television programs always promoting organized snowmobiling. Interviews and speaking about snowmobiling issues have brought them national recognition.

Larry Koch - 1999 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Larry Koch - Club / Association Organizer
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

arrived on the snowmobile scene over thirty (30) years ago. His pioneering and innovative ideas to make snowmobiling grow have benefited not just local snowmobilers, but have reached the entire state of Minnesota. His ideas and activities have touched snowmobilers everywhere. Larry started as an enthusiast in the late 1960s, first founding a snowmobile club, then creating an internationally recognized snowmobile dealership, Tousley Motor Sports in White Bear Lake. Tousley Motor Sports was named International Snowmobile Dealer of the Year in 1994. As President of Sno-Barons Snowmobile Club, his creative inspiration took the Haydays Grass Drags held each year in North Branch, Minnesota from being just another event to the premiere and most profitable event in snowmobiling. His willingness to promote and sponsor international fellowship among snowmobilers was a key to the success of the Trans-World Minnesota-to-Moscow snowmobile expedition. Larry Koch was not only a snowmobile dealer, but a true snowmobiler who took the time to understand and support the end user and snowmobile organizations. His outstanding support for snowmobiling had clubs, associations and individuals calling upon him for his unique ideas, whether it was fundraising, safety, charity or other snowmobiling-related subjects. The MnUSA Red Ribbon Safety Program, as well as the MnUSA charity golf tournament for the benefit of Sharing and Caring Hands were a success in part because of the support of Larry Koch and Tousley Motor Sports. A true pioneer in snowmobiling, people like Larry have made snowmobiling what it is today. He often takes time to speak to groups to make sure snowmobilers are aware of their actions and to create a more positive image. He continues to be a strong spokesperson for snowmobiling and is writing a book about his polar experience.

Kay Lloyd - 1999 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Kay Lloyd - Volunteer
Cle Elum, Washington

Kay was nominated by the Washington State Snowmobile Association and became involved in snowmobiling over 20 years ago, starting at the club level in the Cascade Driftskippers Snowmobile Club.  From there, she moved to elected positions such as Membership Secretary, Vice President and two terms as President of the Washington State Snowmobile Association. Because of her leadership qualities, she became involved in public land use issues, making a commitment to preserve public access to National Parks and Trails. She is a board member of Public Lane Users Society, past board member of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, past chapter chair of the Western International Snowmobile Council and Washington State Trails Advisory Committee representing snowmobilers. Becoming Co-Chair of ISC in 1991, then Chair in 1993, Kay signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the ISC, a first for snowmobiling on BLM land. Her hard work and organizational skills helped for the passage of the National Recreational Trails Fund Act in the U.S. Congress. Also known as the Syznzr's Trails Fund Act. Kay then went on to help form and develop the American Council of Snowmobile Associations that represents the twenty-seven State Snowmobile Associations. She became President in 1995 and continued to serve until 1997. She is currently chair and executive board member of American Trails. As part of her duties with American Trails, Kay conducted the 14th National Trails Symposium in November of 1998. In February 1994, Kay rode in the Iditarod Trail ride in Alaska, which she helped organize. It was one of her most memorable snowmobile events. The ride was to raise money for the National Snowmobile Foundation to publish and distribute an activity book for children, teaching them safe snowmobiling habits.

Jack Schulz - 1999 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Jack Schulz - Volunteer / Organizer / Promoter
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

An employee of Yamaha Motor Corporation for over 21 years, Jack has since retired but continues his involvement with snowmobiling. While employed by Yamaha, Jack led the company's involvement with the snowmobile user community and made significant advances in industry participation with state snowmobile associations and snowmobile clubs. With the help of local dealers and clubs, he increased the awareness of the positive impacts of organized snowmobilers. His input in growth and promotion of special events such as "Haydays Grass Drags" is still discussed today. Jack was instrumental in getting all Yamaha dealers in the state of Minnesota to sign up with the state association, MnUSA. Yamaha has since taken this program nationwide, supporting state associations through dealer membership. For Jack Schulz, the importance of charity work by snowmobilers was one of his top priorities. The need to recognize the tremendous amount of dollars and thousands of hours doing charity work, along with providing snowmobile trail systems for the general public had to be addressed so the Yamaha Pride Service Award program was started. It provided a forum to acknowledge these many community projects, charity fund raising, emergency action or disaster relief services provided by snowmobile clubs. In 1991, when Yamaha saw the need to separate snowmobiles from its other motorsports, Jack was promoted to National Sales Manager and was responsible for snowmobile development. One of his responsibilities was the development of the new 'Vmax' line of snowmobile models and included the Vmax-4, the industry's only liquid-cooled four (4) cylinder snowmobile at the time. The new rear suspension and styling brought new people into the sport of snowmobiling and sales to their highest levels. Jack Schulz is a tireless worker not only for industry, but for grass roots fund raising, leadership skills and humanitarian efforts.

Jack Welch - 1999 Inductee to International Snowmobile Hall of Fame - Eagle River, WI

Jack Welch - Volunteer / Club Organizer
Golden, Colorado

A 30 year veteran of organized snowmobiling, Jack got involved in the sport when he purchased his first snow machine, a 1968 Sears 18 HP Snow Cruiser. He is founding member of several snowmobile clubs, a trail boss, member of a search and rescue team, safety instructor, volunteer lobbyist and was appointed to the recreational trails committee. He also assisted in the creation of a state snowmobile association. Jack was on the trail committee and he realized that trails were for everyone, so worked with the OHV coalition and state parks as well as the National Forest Service. His experience helped him to organize numerous expos, fairs and conventions. After an appointment by the Secretary of Agriculture to the Continental Divide Scenic Trails Council, Jack soon realized that the issue of motorized use, especially snowmobiling, was under attack as a legitimate use of this national trail. On behalf of his efforts for trail users, Colorado Governor Romer appointed him to the first statewide recreational trails committee where he served for ten (10) years, two (2) of which were as Chairman. He now serves as a regional Vice President of the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition, after being its Chairman. For the last six (6) years, Jack has served as Volunteer Executive Director of the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA), conducting fund raising raffles, developing the CSA map and information program and continues to serve as its legislative liaison. Still keeping up all his duties on the state level, Jack soon moved on to the international level. He has contributed effort toward working on the Colorado wilderness bill and has worked to help pass the original Symms Trail Fund. Jack also participated in a ride across Alaska on the Iditarod Dog Sled Route, one of his fondest experiences. He has worked with the Alaska Snowmobile Association and the American Trails Symposium to help resolve conflicts with skiers. He has received numerous awards for his dedicated services, written many monthly snowmobile-related articles for various publications. He was elected to Vice President of the Blue Ribbon Coalition and later its President. In 1997, he was Appointed Chairman of the ACSA/Blue Ribbon Legal Action Task Force in Toronto, Canada.